About New Slot Klosh

What is the New Slots Klosh and who are the team behind it. Find out more about the idea behind the website and its goal.

We are New Slots Klosh.

The idea for New Slots Klosh came up back in early 2022. A comprehensive resource with just about all slot games known to humanity with free play (demo) options, trust-worthy crypto-casino/”>crypto casino, WebMoney slots, as well as real money ones. But above all we want to create a community, one that will share experiences and feedback and will help make the gaming world a better one.

Nearly a year later full of hard work and dedication where we put our hearts and souls but also had a lot of fun along the way, our dream became a reality as the website went live early 2023, and featured some of the new slots December 2023 part 2 before the year ends.

As we still work to put up more valuable content and continue to build our community of slots lovers (like us), we are thrilled to get so many positive vibes from so many people including members and visitors on the website.
It seems like our journey has just begun and we are confident that we will continue to grow and help creating an enjoyable gaming experience for the world.

Thank you for choosing us and we look forward to continuing to be a part of your journey!

Yours Truly,



Founder of New Slots Klosh

A Klosh is the pronunciations of a Cloche
What's a Klosh?

A Klosh is the pronunciations of a Cloche which is a cover to protect food which is usually seen in fancy type of restaurants.

We decided to use the Klosh since we aim to “uncover” the information about the games, the casino brands, the software providers, not in a negative way but in a positive one. We believe positivity is the key for a good life experience and we want to share this mantra with the world.

The Team The Team

The New Slots Klosh team are not only “a team” we’re also very good friends who know each other since childhood and the synergy between us is simply amazing. Now don’t get us wrong, we do argue from time to time but having spent so many years together, it feels like we are a family which makes our working environment happy and productive.

Sergey  - Founder

Sergey - Founder

Vegan, The Simpsons addict

The mastermind behind the New Slots Klosh, Sergey brings years of experience in the online gaming industry. Sergey is one of the creators of some of the world’s most famous online slot machines.

Travelling the world is a life goal and he is an encyclopedia for the TV series “The Simpsons”, you can ask him anything and he knows.

With experience from “the inside” of the industry, Sergey brings and shares point of view which others don’t have. His leadership skills and positive vibes brings smiles to the faces of everyone he meets.

Sheryl - Marketing

Sheryl - Marketing

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

If you found New Slots Klosh, she is the one to “blame”. Sheryl is an online marketer and she knows what she is doing.

You will never find her without a cup of coffee on her desk which might explain the fact she is so alert and into the small details.

She puts a smile on everyone’s faces with her jokes and did we mention she loves coffee?

Jean  - Editor

Jean - Editor

Cycling, Hiking, Nature

Nothing is impossible is something you will hear Jean saying almost every day.

He is a nature love, likes hiking and cycling, he even comes to the office with his bicycle which might explain why he is so fit.

Jean has years of experience working for big online businesses and he knows how to put everything together in a way that will look just about right.
One thing worth mentioning is that while being a nature love, he also loves junk food which contradicts his healthy lifestyle, but we love him just the way he is.

Nick  - Review team

Nick - Review team

Basketball, Xbox, Sparkling Water

Nick knows everything about slot machines, he can write a book, in fact he can write a series of box and produce an entire Netflix series with a few seasons all about slots.
He is passionate about what he does and we bet his mind is also operating like a slot machine with a lever you can pull and eventually win a jackpot.
Every day with Nick is a jackpot.
You will never catch him drinking still water, only sparkling. Well, nobody’s perfect.