Silent Samurai Slot by 777igt – Full Review 2024

Embark on an adventure through the ancient Far East in Silent Samurai Slots. Win big jackpots, enjoy wilds and free spins, and experience stunning graphics!

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Silent Samurai Slot About the game About the game

Silent Samurai Slots from 777igt is a thrilling adventure to the Far East which immerses players into the way of the Samurai. The reels are crafted out of bamboo, with low value symbols boarded in gold. A selection of Samurai “characters” look great on screen and the game is easy to play with an understandable control setup. You can access either the ‘Mini’, ‘Minor’, or ‘Major’ jackpot, and be in with a chance of winning thousands of coins. Despite this, the bonus features are a little lacklustre and include only wilds and free spins. For an in-depth review, scroll down below!

Comprehensive Review of Silent Samurai Slot  & GamePlay Comprehensive Review of Silent Samurai Slot & GamePlay

Welcome to Silent Samurai Slots

Take a journey to the Far East with the Silent Samurai slots game from 777igt. This game brings you a taste of the mythical world of the Samurai, with its simple and stripped back graphics, and its selection of monks temples set against the sky at dusk. The reels are crafted out of bamboo, adding charm to the overall aesthetic of the game. The symbols are expertly crafted, with the low value symbols boarded in gold. There are also a selection of Samurai characters that look great on screen.

Easy to Play

The game is easy to play and 777igt have used their commonly used and easy to understand control setup. Across the top of the page you'll find the usual jackpot tickers, displaying what you could win when you spin the reels of Silent Samurai. Underneath the reels are a selection of buttons to help you play the game. Depending on how much you wager, you can access the 'Mini', 'Minor', or 'Major' jackpot. Each of these jackpots is worth thousands of coins, so there's plenty to play for in Silent Samurai.

Bonus Features

Unfortunately, Silent Samurai falls drastically short when it comes to bonus features. There are only wilds and free spins available, so no mini-games, side-games, or second screen games. Despite this, the game is still worth trying, as the graphics are immersive and the sound only works to compliment what's on screen.


Overall, Silent Samurai is a great game that is worth trying. The developers have really created a great theme and brought it to life with its graphics and sound. Unfortunately, the lack of bonus features lets the game down, but despite this it is still a great game to try.

Key Features of Silent Samurai Slot Key Features

Bonus rounds

Bonus Rounds Silent Samurai Slot

Wilds and Free Spins.

Ways to win

Ways to win Silent Samurai Slot


Return to Player (RTP)

Return to Player (RTP) Silent Samurai Slot



Design Silent Samurai Slot

Far East, Samurai.

Silent Samurai Slot How to Play How to play Silent Samurai Slot online

  • To play Silent Samurai Slots, first select how much you wish to wager.
  • You may then access either the ‘Mini’, ‘Minor’, or ‘Major’ jackpot depending on your wager.
  • Spin the reels and watch for the symbols to land on the reels, with the low value symbols being boarded in gold.
  • Look out for the Samurai “characters” as they can help to bring you a win.
  • The game features wilds and free spins as bonus extras.
  • Keep spinning the reels and enjoy the immersive graphics and sound of the game.
  • Win and cash out your winnings once you are done playing.

Silent Samurai Slot Jackpot Silent Samurai Slot Jackpot

The possible jackpots in Silent Samurai Slot are Mini Jackpot (up to 10,000 casino credits), Minor Jackpot (up to 25,000 casino credits) and Major Jackpot (up to 100,000 casino credits).

Silent Samurai Slot Betting Options Symbols and Payouts Betting Options Symbols and Payouts

The game symbols of Silent Samurai Slot include low value symbols boarding in gold, Samurai characters, wilds, and free spins.

The payouts for Silent Samurai Slot are as follows:
Mini Jackpot: 500 Casino Credits
Minor Jackpot: 2,000 Casino Credits
Major Jackpot: 10,000 Casino Credits

The bet types for Silent Samurai Slots are:
1. Bet per Line
2. Max Bet
3. Autoplay
4. Spin
5. Casino Credits
6. Wilds
7. Free Spins
8. Mini, Minor, and Major Jackpots.

Bet TypeSymbolPayouts
JackpotMini, Minor, Major JackpotsThousands of coins
WildsSamurai CharactersUnknown
Free SpinsSamurai CharactersUnknown


  • A lucrative selection of jackpots up to thousands of Casino Credits
  • Immersive graphics and sound effects to compliment the Far East theme
  • Easy to use control setup for a smooth gaming experience
  • Symbols are expertly crafted with low-value symbols boarded in gold


  • Lack of bonus features
  • No mini-games, side-games, or second screen games

Silent Samurai Slot Conclusion In Conclusion

Silent Samurai Slots is a game developed by 777igt that transports players to the Far East and into the world of Samurai. The game offers rich, immersive graphics, complete with a backdrop of ancient monasteries set against aJapanese dusk sky and reels crafted out of bamboo. The game also features gold-edged low value symbols and Samurai “characters” that look great on screen.

In terms of gameplay, 777igt have utilised their straightforward control setup to make the game easy to play. The top of the page includes the usual jackpot tickers, providing an indication of how much players can win by spinning the reels. On the bottom of the page there is a selection of buttons to choose from, including access to different jackpots that offer varying amounts of coins.

In terms of features, Silent Samurai Slots provides a limited selection of extras including wilds and free spins, though there are no mini-games, side-games, or second screen games.

Silent Samurai is a great game with rich, immersive graphics and a complimentary sound that only adds to the overall theme of the game. However, the lack of bonus features may disappoint players seeking a more exciting experience. Nevertheless, the game still offers up an exciting, enjoyable experience and is definitely worth playing.