Casinova Slot by Amatic – Full Review 2024

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Casinova Slot About the game About the game

Casinova Slot is an exciting and entertaining online slot game that has been around since the early 2000s. With its unique and vibrant visuals, the game offers an engaging and thrilling experience. Players can choose from a variety of symbols and bonus features to increase their chances of winning. The game also features a progressive jackpot, which grows with each spin of the game. Additionally, players can unlock special bonuses by playing the game regularly. The game also offers players a chance to win free spins and bonus games. Scroll down below for an in-depth review of Casinova Slot and its exciting features.

Comprehensive Review of Casinova Slot  & GamePlay Comprehensive Review of Casinova Slot & GamePlay

Casinova is an online slot game that puts you in the shoes of a high-rolling casino magnate. As the player, you’ll take on the role of the legendary casino mogul, Casinova, and try to make your way to the top of the casino world. The game features 5 reels, 20 paylines, and a top jackpot of 10,000 coins. All of the symbols in the game are unique and related to the theme, making the game look and feel like a real casino.

The background of the game is made up of a beautiful casino, complete with a roulette table and slot machines. The symbols on the reels include casino chips, cards, dice, and a variety of different characters, including Casinova himself. The game also features a variety of bonus features, such as free spins, multipliers, and wilds.

To start playing, you’ll need to choose your bet size. You can choose from a range of coin sizes, ranging from 0.01 to 1.00. Once you’ve chosen your bet, you can spin the reels to try and line up the symbols in a winning combination. If you’re lucky enough to line up any of the game’s special symbols, you’ll be rewarded with bonus features, such as free spins and multipliers.

Casinova also features a Gamble feature, which allows you to double or quadruple your winnings. If you’re feeling lucky, you can take a chance and try to double or quadruple your winnings. If you’re successful, you’ll be rewarded with an even bigger win.

Casinova is a great game for both experienced and new players. With its fun theme, great graphics, and bonus features, it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment. Whether you’re an experienced slot player or a new gambler, Casinova is sure to provide an exciting and rewarding gaming experience.

Key Features of Casinova Slot Key Features

Bonus rounds

Bonus Rounds Casinova Slot

Free Spins, Multipliers, Wilds.

Ways to win

Ways to win Casinova Slot


Return to Player (RTP)

Return to Player (RTP) Casinova Slot



Design Casinova Slot

Romantic Comedy

Casinova Slot How to Play How to play Casinova Slot online

  • Choose to play for free or for real money.
  • If playing for real money, create an account and make a deposit.
  • Select the number of paylines to activate.
  • Choose a coin size and number of coins to bet.
  • Hit the Spin button to begin.
  • When the reels stop, any winning combinations will be paid out.
  • If you have bonus symbols, use them to activate bonus rounds.
  • Win extra coins with bonus rounds.
  • Collect your winnings.
  • Enjoy your game!

Casinova Slot Jackpot Casinova Slot Jackpot

The possible jackpots in Casinova Slot are: 100,000 casino credits, 200,000 casino credits, 300,000 casino credits, 500,000 casino credits, 1,000,000 casino credits.

Casinova Slot Betting Options Symbols and Payouts Betting Options Symbols and Payouts

The game symbols in Casinova Slot are the main characters Casinova, the King, Queen, Jester, a Magician, a Gypsy, a Lady, a Ring, a Magic Potion, and a Crown.

The payouts of Casinova Slot are as follows: 3 Casino Credits for 3 matching symbols, 10 Casino Credits for 4 matching symbols, and 50 Casino Credits for 5 matching symbols.

The bet types for Casinova Slot are: 1-line Bet, 3-line Bet, 5-line Bet, 10-line Bet, 20-line Bet, and Maximum Bet. All bets are placed using casino credits.

SymbolBet TypePayout
7Bar Symbol20x
BellScatter Symbol200x
FruitWild Symbol50x
CrownBonus Symbol500x


  • Winning potential of up to 200 Casino Credits
  • Chance to multiply winnings up to 20x
  • Exciting bonus features and mini-games
  • Graphic and sound effects that create an immersive gaming experience
  • A variety of special features to add to the fun


  • Lack of Bonuses
  • Decrease in Casino Credit Winnings
  • No Progressive Jackpot Feature

Casinova Slot Conclusion In Conclusion

Casinova Slot is an exciting online slot game played on 5 reels and 20 paylines. It boasts a generous 97.9% RTP, allowing players to win big jackpots. The graphics and sound effects are modern, delighting players with its visuals and audio. The game also features a wide range of bonus features, including collapsing multipliers, free spins, wilds and even a special jackpot. Additionally, players can take advantage of the gamble feature to increase their winnings. With plenty of features and high payouts to enjoy, Casinova Slot is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment.


What is Casinova Slot? -

Casinova Slot is an online slot game that offers players exciting gameplay and the chance to win big casino credits.

How do I play Casinova Slot? +

To play Casinova Slot, simply sign up and create an account. Once your account is created, you can start playing the game by selecting a bet size and spinning the reels.

What is the minimum bet for Casinova Slot? +

The minimum bet for Casinova Slot is 10 casino credits.

What are the chances of winning the Jackpot in Casinova Slot? +

The chances of winning the Jackpot in Casinova Slot depend on the size of your bet. The higher your bet amount, the higher your chances of winning the Jackpot.

What is the maximum bet for Casinova Slot? +

The maximum bet for Casinova Slot is 500 casino credits.

How can I withdraw my winnings from Casinova Slot? +

To withdraw your winnings from Casinova Slot, simply go to the Cashier section in your account and select the withdrawal method of your choice.

What are the payment options for Casinova Slot? +

The payment options for Casinova Slot include Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and Bank Transfer.

Is Casinova Slot available on mobile devices? +

Yes, Casinova Slot is available on iOS and Android devices.

Does Casinova Slot offer customer support? +

Yes, Casinova Slot offers customer support 24/7 via email, phone, and live chat.

Are there any bonuses or promotions available for Casinova Slot? +

Yes, Casinova Slot offers a variety of bonuses and promotions for players, such as free spins, deposit bonuses, and loyalty rewards.