12 Zodiacs by Habanero – Full Review 2024

Discover the ultimate slot game based on Chinese zodiac signs - 12 Zodiacs by Habanero. Read our review, get free spins, and chase the jackpot today!

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12 Zodiacs About the game About the game

12 Zodiacs is an exciting Chinese-themed video slot game developed by Habanero. This game focuses solely on the twelve Chinese zodiac signs and the legends associated with them, creating an immersive and unique experience for players. The graphics are stunning, with an imposing temple lost in the clouds and two massive statues flanking the reels. The sound effects and music were also especially created for the game to evoke Chinese folklore. The game matrix is a 5x3 setup, with 18 paylines and a customisable wager. In addition, the game features a wild symbol, scatter symbol and free spins bonus round which can increase your rewards. With its stunning graphics and unique gaming experience, 12 Zodiacs is sure to captivate players. Scroll down below for an in-depth review.

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Comprehensive Review of 12 Zodiacs  & GamePlay Comprehensive Review of 12 Zodiacs & GamePlay

12 Zodiacs is a video slot game developed by Habanero that is themed around the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. Players can embark on a journey to this mysterious temple in the clouds to enjoy an immersive gaming experience and learn about Chinese culture.

The background of the game is an awe-inspiring temple lost in the clouds with two massive statues flanking the reels. The sound effects and music were also specially created for the game to evoke Chinese folklore.

The game matrix is a standard 5x3 setup with 18 paylines, and players can use the various (+) and (-) buttons to customize their settings. To speed up the process, the autoplay game mode is available.

The paytable of 12 Zodiacs is entirely dedicated to the twelve animals that are traditionally present in Chinese horoscopes. To win the cash prize associated with them, players must land three or more of them on a payline. Combinations in 12 Zodiacs pay both ways, giving players more chances to win big in the long term.

The full moon symbol is the wild card of the game and it can replace any of the zodiac symbols to complete one or more extra combinations. The paper lantern symbol is the scatter, and landing at least three of them on the reels at the same time will trigger a 6 free spin bonus round.

12 Zodiacs is a refreshing take on the Chinese-inspired slot game genre and a great way for players to learn about Chinese culture. With its great graphics, immersive sound effects and unique bonus features, 12 Zodiacs is a great game to play.

Key Features of 12 Zodiacs Key Features

Bonus rounds

Bonus Rounds 12 Zodiacs

Bonus rounds type offered: Free spins, Wilds, Scatters, Gamble, Jackpot.

Ways to win

Ways to win 12 Zodiacs


Return to Player (RTP)

Return to Player (RTP) 12 Zodiacs



Design 12 Zodiacs


12 Zodiacs How to Play How to play 12 Zodiacs online

  • Sign up with an online casino that offers 12 Zodiacs game.
  • Choose the currency you wish to deposit.
  • Create an account with the online casino.
  • Deposit money into your account.
  • Navigate to the 12 Zodiacs game.
  • Set the number of coins per line to bet by clicking on "Bet Level +/-".
  • Adjust coins size by clicking on "Coin +/-".
  • Set the number of lines by clicking on "Lines".
  • Set how many times you wish for reels to turn without interruption by clicking on "Autoplay".
  • Set the maximum bet that the slot allows and spin the reels automatically by clicking on "Bet Max".
  • Spin the reels by clicking on "Play".
  • Start the gamble feature by clicking on "Gamble".
  • If you make a correct guess you will win, if you do not you will lose and you will be taken back to the base game.

12 Zodiacs Jackpot 12 Zodiacs Jackpot

Jackpot options for playing the 12 Zodiacs slot game can be won randomly at the conclusion of any game. The amount of the jackpot is indicated above the reels, and the jackpot is added to any other winnings that the player has accumulated. There is also a Gamble feature that can be triggered after each win, where players can double their winnings by choosing a card higher than the dealer's card. Additionally, players can benefit from the Wild symbol which is the Full Moon and appears on reels two, three, four and five. The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter symbol and any Moon symbols can randomly turn into Sun symbols, multiplying wins by three. Landing three or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels triggers a bonus round with six free spins. During the bonus round, only Zodiac symbols will appear, and if matched, will pay out as scatter symbols.

12 Zodiacs Betting Options Symbols and Payouts Betting Options Symbols and Payouts

The 12 zodiacs symbols are: Aries (fire), Taurus (earth), Gemini (air), Cancer (water), Leo (fire), Virgo (earth), Libra (air), Scorpio (water), Sagittarius (fire), Capricorn (earth), Aquarius (air) and Pisces (water).

Payouts of 12 Zodiacs: Aries: Casino Credits 0.01 - 900; Taurus: Casino Credits 0.01 - 900; Gemini: Casino Credits 0.01 - 900; Cancer: Casino Credits 0.01 - 900; Leo: Casino Credits 0.01 - 900; Virgo: Casino Credits 0.01 - 900; Libra: Casino Credits 0.01 - 900; Scorpio: Casino Credits 0.01 - 900; Sagittarius: Casino Credits 0.01 - 900; Capricorn: Casino Credits 0.01 - 900; Aquarius: Casino Credits 0.01 - 900; Pisces: Casino Credits 0.01 - 900.

12 Zodiacs important features:

Min bet casino credits: 0.01
Max bet casino credits: 900
Layout: 5-3
Betways: 18 (Bothway)

AriesFireLeadership, courage, ambition
TaurusEarthStability, dependability, practicality
GeminiAirCommunication, intelligence, adaptability
CancerWaterEmotion, sensitivity, intuition
LeoFireCreativity, enthusiasm, self-expression
VirgoEarthPracticality, analytical thinking, organization
LibraAirBalance, fairness, diplomacy
ScorpioWaterPassion, intensity, mystery
SagittariusFireExploration, optimism, adventure
CapricornEarthAmbition, determination, hard work
AquariusAirOriginality, progress, friendship
PiscesWaterIntuition, emotion, compassion



      12 Zodiacs Conclusion In Conclusion

      12 Zodiacs is an exciting video slot game from Habanero software provider that takes players on a journey into ancient Chinese culture and the twelve zodiac signs associated with it. The game features a mysterious temple set in the clouds as the backdrop and incorporates sound effects and music to evoke Chinese folklore. The game matrix is a standard 5x3 setup with 18 paylines, with players able to customize their settings and bet size. The game offers a wild and scatter symbol, free spins and a gamble feature, and even a progressive jackpot. With its high quality graphics and theme, 12 Zodiacs offers a refreshing take on the popular Chinese slot game genre. The game's bonus features are not particularly original, but with the ability to win both ways, the potential of hitting the jackpot is certainly there. 12 Zodiacs is an intriguing game that is definitely worth a spin.


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      Video Slots

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      Bothway, Feature: Substitution Symbols, FreeSpins, Gamble, Multiplier, Progressive Jackpot, Risk/Gamble (Double) game, RTP range, Scatter symbols

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      Oriental, Asian, Space, Zodiac