Golden Glyph Slot by Quickspin – Full Review 2024

Unveil the secrets of ancient Egypt in Golden Glyph slot game by Quickspin. Enjoy the 7x7 reel layout and win up to 13,185x stake. Play for free now!

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Golden Glyph Slot About the game About the game

The Golden Glyph slot game is an action-packed Egyptian-themed slot from Quickspin. Featuring a 7x7 reel layout and cascading reels, this game gives players an exciting gaming experience. The symbols are hieroglyphics and ancient Egyptian gods, and the background shows an impressive Ancient Egyptian city. Players can take advantage of the wilds, scatters and power-up bonuses, such as the bomb, Eye of Horus and scarab. With its exciting bonus features, high volatility and the potential to win up to 13,185x your stake, Golden Glyph is a thrilling game for any slot fan. Scroll down below for an in-depth review.

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Comprehensive Review of Golden Glyph Slot  & GamePlay Comprehensive Review of Golden Glyph Slot & GamePlay

Golden Glyph is an exciting video slot game from Quickspin that offers players a unique Egyptian-themed experience. The game is set on a 7x7 reel grid and features Cluster Pays, making for some exciting gameplay. With symbols such as hieroglyphs, pharaohs, and gods, you can feel the power of Ancient Egypt.

The game also features cascading reels, meaning that when you match symbols, they will explode and new symbols will fall in to replace them, giving you the chance to make more wins. The wild symbols are a gold W and pearl, and the power-up scatters are a bomb, an Eye of Horus and gold scarab. The free spins scatter is a golden hawk face.

The Power Up feature is a great bonus in the game. When you land three or more bonus symbols, you will get a choice of four modifiers. These are Eye of Horus, Blaze of Fire, Golden Scarab and Free Spins. The Eye of Horus removes all instances of a lower value symbol, Blaze of Fire will burn up symbols, Golden Scarab will grant you between 4-10 wilds, and Free Spins will reward you with 9 free spins.

There are also some great potential wins in the game. You can win up to 13,185x your stake, and the Golden Glyph wild can help you reach a multiplier of up to 99x in the Free Spins bonus.

Golden Glyph is available at online casinos and you can also play the demo for free. You can also play the game on your mobile or tablet, so you can chase the big wins wherever you are.

If you’re a fan of Egyptian themed slots, then Golden Glyph is the game for you. With its unique Power Up feature and potential for big wins, you can experience some thrilling gameplay.

Key Features of Golden Glyph Slot Key Features

Bonus rounds

Bonus Rounds Golden Glyph Slot

Power Up, Eye of Horus, Blaze of Fire, Free Spins Bonus

Ways to win

Ways to win Golden Glyph Slot


Return to Player (RTP)

Return to Player (RTP) Golden Glyph Slot



Design Golden Glyph Slot


Golden Glyph Slot How to Play How to play Golden Glyph Slot online

  • Go to the Golden Glyph slot game page and choose to play for free or for real money
  • Set your bet size between 0.20 and 100 credits
  • Spin the reels and match 3 or more symbols next to each other to win
  • Look out for wilds and scatters, as these will trigger special power-up bonuses such as the Golden Scarab and the Free Spins Bonus
  • Land five power-ups in a row and be rewarded with 9 free spins
  • During the free spins you can benefit from a progressive multiplier wild which can reach up to 99x
  • Try to land as many matching symbols as possible to get the biggest win

Golden Glyph Slot Jackpot Golden Glyph Slot Jackpot

The possible jackpots in Golden Glyph Slot are 13185 casino credits.

Golden Glyph Slot Betting Options Symbols and Payouts Betting Options Symbols and Payouts

The symbols for Golden Glyph Slot are: Eye of Horus, Blaze of Fire, Wilds, Power Up Wild, Power Up Wheel, Power Up Features (Golden Scarab, Free Spins), Bombs, Ornamentation, Pharaoh and Gods.

The payouts of Golden Glyph Slot are:
- Max Win: 13,185 times your stake in Casino Credits
- Power Up Wild: 5% of stake in Casino Credits
- Eye of Horus: 5% of stake in Casino Credits
- Blaze of Fire: 5% of stake in Casino Credits
- Free Spins Bonus: 3 new spins in Casino Credits
- Golden Glyph Wild: Increases multiplier up to 99x in Casino Credits.

The bet types for Golden Glyph Slot are:
-Betting range between 0.20 and 100 credits
-Cluster Pays
-Tumbling Reels Feature
-Power Up Wild
-Power Up Wheel
-Power Up Features (Golden Scarab, Free Spins)
-Max Win: x13185.00.

Horus250x stake
Hieroglyphs7.5x - 18x stake
Power Up WildFill empty spots
Golden Scarab4-10 wilds
Free Spins Power UpTrigger free spins
Wandering Multiplier WildUp to 99x multiplier


  • The Power Up feature gives players the chance to win big with a max win of 13,185x their stake
  • Cascading reels offer the chance to win across all symbols
  • Four different Egyptian Hieroglyphs offer the chance to win between 7.5x and 18x
  • The Eye of Horus Power Up removes all lower value symbols for a re-spin
  • The Blaze of Fire Power Up gives a re-spin with 5% of your stake for each symbol burned up
  • The Free Spins Bonus gives 9 spins with a progressive wandering multiplier wild of up to 99x
  • The Golden Glyph Wild can increase the multiplier by 1x with each win
  • Bets can be placed between 0.20 and 100 Casino Credits


  • The game has a high volatility, making it a challenge for less experienced slot fans
  • The Power Up feature can be difficult to trigger
  • The max win of 13,185x your Casino Credits may be too high for some players
  • The Free Spins bonus round can be difficult to retrigger

Golden Glyph Slot Conclusion In Conclusion

Golden Glyph is an enthralling Egyptian-themed video slot game from renowned Swedish game provider Quickspin. The game is set in a unique 7x7 grid layout with Cluster Pays and boasts some eye-catching bonus features that offer a potential max win of 13,185x the stake.

The most valuable symbol in the game is the Falcon God Horus, which grants a whopping 250x the stake when landing 15 or more in a cluster. Four other Hieroglyphs can also pay out between 7.5x and 18x when 15 or more of them form a cluster.

The highlight of the game is the Power Up Wild, which fills empty spots between symbols after a win. When part of a win, it triggers one of the Power Up features. These include the Golden Scarab, which gives you between 4-10 Wilds, as well as the Free Spins Power Up that triggers the exciting Free Spins Bonus Round.

When in the Free Spins Bonus Round, players benefit from a progressive wandering multiplier wild, which can go up to 99x. This offers huge win potential, making the Golden Glyph slot a great choice for high-rolling players.

Additionally, Golden Glyph can be enjoyed on mobile and tablet and is playable in 42 countries. The game has a return to player percentage of 96.19%, and a medium-limit volatility.

If you’re looking for a thrilling slot experience with big win potential, then Golden Glyph is the game for you. Play the demo for free here, or at one of our recommended online casinos for real money play.


What is the reel layout for Golden Glyph? -

The reel layout for Golden Glyph is 7x7.

What is the betting range for Golden Glyph? +

The betting range for Golden Glyph is between 0.20 and 100 casino credits.

What is the RTP for Golden Glyph? +

The RTP for Golden Glyph is 96.19%.

What is the volatility of Golden Glyph? +

The volatility of Golden Glyph is high.

Does Golden Glyph have a Cluster Pays Engine? +

Yes, Golden Glyph has a Cluster Pays Engine.

Does Golden Glyph have a Tumbling Reels Feature? +

Yes, Golden Glyph has a Tumbling Reels Feature.

Does Golden Glyph have a Power Up Wild? +

Yes, Golden Glyph has a Power Up Wild.

Does Golden Glyph have a Power Up Wheel? +

Yes, Golden Glyph has a Power Up Wheel.

Does Golden Glyph have a Bonus Round? +

Yes, Golden Glyph has a Bonus Round with 9 free spins.

What is the max win for Golden Glyph? +

The max win for Golden Glyph is 13,185 times your stake.