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Slots games reviewed
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It’s all about the slots!

We are excited to share our passion of slots with you after spending countless hours playing and evaluating the newest and most popular games.

Here, you can find reviews of just about every slot game in the world in addition to playing many of them for free.

Before playing for real money, this is your chance to try them with no risk and see if they work out for you. When you’re prepared take the leap, you can also choose to play for real money thanks to our partnerships with trusted and reputable online casino brands.

We don’t just want to provide you with a place to play games and read reviews, though. We also hope to establish a community of people who enjoy playing slots who can interact and share tips and tricks. For that, we invite you to become a part of our community and contribute by providing your own reviews and sharing your opinions on the video games you enjoy the most, and also the ones you less like.

We’re constantly adding new online slots reviews as well as casino reviews so there’s always a reason to come back for more.

Join us at New Slots Klosh and discover unlimited fun that these games have to offer!

Choose your Online Slots Machine

  1. Classic slots: These are traditional slot games based on vintage land based mechanical machines. They typically have a small number of paylines and reels, and often have fruit and other basic symbols. Majority of new slots November 2023 fall under this category.
  2. Video slots: The most popular type of online slot machines, these games are characterized by the use of video graphics and animation. Compared to traditional slots, they usually contain additional reels and paylines, as well as bonus rounds and other innovative features.
  3. Progressive jackpots: These are slots with a top payout that increases as more players play the game. Regardless of the amount of a player’s bet, the jackpot can be won at any moment and is typically awarded at random.
  4. 3D slots: To provide a more realistic gaming environment, these slot games include 3D graphics and animation. They usually have unique themes and extra rounds.
  5. Mobile slots: These slots are designed specifically for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. They may include touch-based controls and are made to be played on tiny screens.
  6. Virtual reality slots: To make the gaming experience even more immersive, these slots use virtual reality technology. Players can enter a virtual world while wearing a VR headset, where they can play the game as if they were in an actual casino.

Quick tips for Slots Players

  1. Set and stick to a budget before you start. When playing slots, it’s very easy to lose control, so it’s critical to set and follow a spending limit. This will enable you  to prevent losing more than intended and play with only funds that you can afford to lose.
  2. Take advantage of promotions and bonuses. Free spins or matching deposit bonuses are only two of the incentives and promotions that many online casinos offer slot players. These can be part of your strategy to build your bankroll and your chance of winning more.
  3. Select video games with higher payout percentages (RTP). The percentage of bets made on a slot machine game that is returned to players as winnings varies between different slots. You’ll have a better chance of winning over time by choosing games with bigger payout percentages.
  4. Use the autoplay option. The autoplay option of a slot machine can be a very useful tool if you want spin a lot, quickly. The game will play through the specified number of spins and other settings you can set, such as win and loss limitations, automatically.
  5. Pace yourself and take breaks. It’s important to balance yourself and take breaks when playing slots because they can be extremely addictive. You should give yourself a time restriction and stop occasionally to relax and refuel (not your balance of course). You’ll be able to maintain control and make wiser choices while playing thanks to this.


What can I do on New Slots Klosh? -

New Slots Klosh is a comprehensive resource for reviews of slots, USA casinos, crypto casinos, land-based casinos, and even other casino games. Here  you will not only be able to read reviews of the latest slots, but you will also have the chance to play many of these games for free directly on our website. You can also choose a reputable online casino brand to play at and learn how to play casino games, so you can play them for real money. In addition, we provide info on bonuses, including free spins, as well as other casino promotions.

In addition, we provide info on bonuses, including free spins, as well as other online casino promotions.

Can I play slots for real money at New Slots Klosh? +

Although we do not directly offer any real money slot games on our website, we do offer a variety of reputable online casinos where you can play slot games for real money.

What is a Klosh? +

A Klosh is actually the pronunciations of a Cloche which is a food cover tool. The main idea behind New Slots Klosh is to “Uncover” the slot games and information about the brands where you can play them for anyone who is interested to do so.

Are the free slot games on New Slots Klosh really free? +

Yes! Our site does not charge any money to play any of these games . To play these games, you will not be required to make any deposits or provide any personal or financial information.

How can I learn how to play online slot games? +

We offer a variety of how-to guides that will teach you the basics of playing online slot games. These guides will take you through the mechanics of each game, including how to play, how much you can win, and other features. We’re constantly adding new online slot games, guides and tutorials so make sure to keep updated.

Are the online casino brands recommended on New Slots Klosh trustworthy? +

Yes. Only those online casino brands that have passed our comprehensive testing and been determined to be trustworthy win a recommendation from us. Every one of the brands that we recommend is licensed and regulated to ensure that players are treated fairly and are held accountable for their actions during gameplay.